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Downy Pep

"Ocho" is a 2003 chestnut gelding by Showdown Zee (grandson of Sugar Bars) and out of a Solanos Peppy San/ Jr Bonanza mare. This is making an outstanding all around gelding. Goes to the open shows on the weekends and does everything on the ranch from dragging calves to the fire to sorting pairs. Adana's #2 horse unless she's going a long way-Then he's absolutely her #1! Trots as soft as any horse possible and has that rein slinging, running walk that makes her the envy of all the old cowboys. Probably won't ever be for sale but we've got some youngsters who are going to be just as good that will be.

Rosies A Lil Chili

2005 gelding by Scotches Showtime and out of Zip For Cash daughter, Zips Gems And Roses. Super gelding that will most likely be hard to buy.

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